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Tiger’ Great Confession

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tiger Woods may be remembered as the best golfer of all time but after listening to his apology today, he may also be remembered as giving one of the best apologies of all time for a modern public  figure.

Since we are leaving town today, I was home and happened to walk by as the  Tiger was speaking.  Missed the first few minutes but from what I heard and from the tears I saw on my wife’s face, Tiger hit it right on the head of the proverbial nail!  What did I hear?

1. An acknowledgement of wrong–multiple times and in a variety of ways, Tiger confessed that he had failed, that he had done wrong.  I didn’t hear him say that he had sinned but with his Buddhist confession, that is maybe not so surprising.

2. Admitted an understanding of the way he had hurt others by his wrongdoings–his wife, his kids, his mom, his fans, sponsors, Foundation etc. He realized that he had violated the trust given to him, that he had failed to show respect to others (including his fellow golfers and the game itself), that he had brought shame on others by his misdeeds.

3.  Expressed a desire to change. Tiger said that he did not want to repeat his failings, that he was getting help to do so, that it would be a long road to recovery.

4. Possessed an appropriate level of emotion. No, he didn’t cry but from my standpoint this was not easy for him and there was a genuine level of contrition. Part of that, no doubt, was the public humiliation and damage done to his pride and reputation.

Read what a Christian suggested for a good Tiger confession. He wrote this before Tiger spoke publicly.  Except for the part about trusting Christ and seeking the help of other Christians/Pastors/golfers, I think he could not have done better.

Of course, I am sad that Tiger believes that Buddhism offers him the power to transform his life.  No disrespect intended but removing desire from my life has never worked for me or anyone else I know nor has self-discipline by itself.  I do know that change is possible as Jesus Christ transforms my desires, longings, thoughts and ultimately my actions.  But, according to the Bible, that battle between lusts of the flesh and the life of the Spirit is a continual one until we go to heaven.  I do wish Tiger the best with the demons with which he is doing battle.  But, I fear that apart from a daily desperate dependence on Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit he can never win  the battles ahead.  Transformation, not reformation is what is needed.

Thank you Tiger for leading the way with this courageous and I believe honest confession.  I am one that is rooting for you.

  1. February 19, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    Well written! Agree wholeheartedly!!

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