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Signature sins: sloth

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Trying to repost. From Michael Mangis’ Signature Sins

Sloth is the failure to attend to our spiritual lives. Acedia is spiritual listlessness or laziness, the antithesis of worship. It is a refusal to respond to our opportunities for growth, service or sacrifice.  Antidote: zeal and diligence.  Four expressions of sloth:

  1. Laziness—neglect of our responsibilities.  Antidote: discipline, commitment, ambition, willingness
  2. Indifference—lack of concern about injustice, apathy.  Antidote:  concern, enthusiasm, interest passion or involvement.
  3. Cowardice—uses the risk of something painful or unpleasant as an excuse to refuse to do what is necessary.  Antidote: courage, boldness, conviction.
  4. Sadness—morbidity or despair.  A sadness that savors and takes pleasure in sadness.   Antidote: seeking hope, optimism and joy.

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