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Dealing with a narcissist

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just finished reading Why is it always about you over the weekend and will be making a number of blog posts about narcissism.  The following is a post from Dr. Mark Gouston from the psychology today website titled

Know Any Narcissists?* Check out this Baker’s Dozen of ways they offend you

1. They interrupt you in the middle of what you’re saying and expect you to listen to them.

2. They take offense when you interrupt them.

3. They interrupt you in the middle of when you’re thinking about something without asking if it is a good time to talk and expect you to immediately stop whatever you’re thinking about and give them your undivided attention.

4. They expect you to change whatever you’re thinking, doing and feeling to what they  believe you should be thinking, doing and feeling…and for you to do it with a smile and gratitude.

5. They scowl and act hostile, when you accidentally bump into them.

6. If they’re walking along the side of a road or on a path and you approach them, they make you walk around them.

7. They are easier to upset than they are to please.

8. They rarely say, “I’m sorry” and if they do, they do so insincerely or begrudgingly.

9. They rarely say, “Thank you” because they feel so entitled.

10. They rarely congratulate you because they are unable to root for anyone else.

11. When they demand something you’re afraid to say: “No.”

12. When they complain about something you are afraid to tell them to “Just deal with it” because you’re afraid they’ll go ballistic or become coldly sullen and shut down.

13. You’re chuckling and agreeing with most of this list, but would be scared stiff to show it to them (a.k.a. you walk on eggshells around them most of the time).

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