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What would you say to Brett Favre?

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

What would a Christian response be to Brett Favre?  An article today quotes him with regard to his feelings of doubt and insecurity.  For those non-American-football fans, Favre is a 40 year old star quarterback who has come back with great success after retiring.  Talking about his self-doubts, Favre says:

“I think it’s human nature,” he said. “For me, I know it’s always been a source of drive or a sense of always needing to prove myself, not ever being satisfied. I think it’s OK to be confident. I don’t think it’s OK to be overconfident. Doubt to me at times is a good thing. It makes you work harder. You never get complacent.

I have had a few conversations this week about doubt and insecurity and am often confronted with my own.  I suspect that most of us have doubts and insecurities and about some very significant issues but not too many are willing to admit it as did Favre.  Not that he is asking but as a Christian, what would you say to Brett?

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