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Signature sins: greed

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More from Michael Mangis

Greed is lust expressed in nonsexual ways. Grows out of the suspicion that God will not take care of our needs as well as we can do it ourselves. Expressed in five ways:

  1. Avarice is inordinate pursuit of wealth and material things by either honest or dishonest means. Antidote: generosity or liberality
  2. Inordinate ambition captures the lust of power and status.  Antidote: servanthood or sacrificiality
  3. Prodigality is wastefulness and extravagance.  Antidote: discipline, self-sacrifice or simplicity
  4. Penuriousness is stinginess.  Comes from an obsession with security and imagine that wealth can project us. Antidote: faith in God’s abundance
  5. Domination insists on having things our own way.  Opposed by surrender or pacificsm

Found this on beliefnet about this deadly sin

In the Inferno, Dante decided that the punishment for avarice should be having your face pressed into the earth for eternity (in Circle 4)–a reminder that you had cared too much about earthly concerns.

greed dante inferno.jpg

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