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Signature sins: lust

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More from Michael Mangis on this most interesting topic

Lust is rooted in the belief that God’s love is not enough to satisfy our longing for intimacy.  Purity is the antidote.  Various expressions of lust:

  1. Unchastity—all forms of sexual expression outside of marriage, including unfaithfulness.  Fidelity and chastity
  2. Immodesty—attempt to stimulate sexual desire in others or in oneself thru inappropriate dress, words, actions, images or fantasies
  3. Prudery—fear of, or condemnation of sex and sexuality.  Playfulness or passion
  4. Cruelty—desire to inflict physical or mental pain on others. Needs compassion or empathy
  5. Masochism—lust of power over another person or animal
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