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Blindness is not always a bad thing

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Lovely words from John Fischer about a beautiful blind woman together with a nerdy looking fellow.  From his Dec 3 post.   I am reminded of the words of Jesus saying that it is those who are blind that will see and that those who think they see are the ones who are really blind.

What did she see in him? Everything. Everything that’s important about who a person is, what love is, and what a real man is. She saw everything she needed to know about him.

But this is not the only blindness going on here. The girl is also blind to something else. She is blind to her own beauty. She doesn’t know she has cover-girl looks. She has nothing with which to compare herself. She doesn’t know that she conforms to what society is currently calling “beautiful.” All she knows is that someone loves her strictly for who she is, and in that love she reveled.

In this, she is like all of us, for we do not know our own beauty as God sees us, and perhaps it’s just as well, since we wouldn’t want to become arrogant or self-serving in our relationships. Our value comes from knowing that we are loved by God, and that alone is all we need to know.

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