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Toward an understanding of the Philippines

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Two more books gone from my “to read” list, these regarding life in the Philippines which may not be of interest to as many of you.

Surgeons Do Not Cry by Ting Tiongco

Well-written glimpses of life about the life of a doctor and his patients at the massive public facility in Manila called the Philippine General Hospital.  Overwhelming needs, stories that will make you angry and ones that make you proud to be part of the Philippines.  Locally printed only

Beyond Coral Shores by Martin C. Haworth

Fun book to read since I knew Martin and many of the characters about which he wrote.   Wish I had gotten to know him before he and his family left the field.  At times he describes so well what life is like here and I wish I could give that section to my friends so they could understand!  In the midst of amusing stories about life on the island of Mindoro, he intersperses a few critiques about Filipino and missionary culture.  Two quotesL “But the one who was truly responsible for my deteriorating health was myself; the shadow of guilt of not doing enough; the fear of letting people down was always driving me.” 201 “In situations where most individuals are highly motivated and committed to the task, team leaders really need to lead by example by taking adequate rest, giving the right to those under them to similarly follow suit.” 207

Slum as a way of life by F. Landa Jocano

Sadly, I doubt if I will finish this fascinating study about life in a Manila slum during the 70s, written by an anthropologist.  Amazingly many things don’t appear to have changed.  Locally printed

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