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How am I doing?

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kelly and Michele O’Donnell offered the following resources for missionary member care in a recent newsletter but I think a lot of people might benefit from some of these self-assessment instruments   Warning: not written with a Christian perspective.  Some registration is required but all of them are free as far as I could tell. Following is their email:

There are a number of brief tools for assessing areas like work-life balance, strengths, burnout, stress, and resiliency. The inventories we mention below are easy to use although note that their applicability to international settings/populations is not established. We use such tools to help workers get a general sense of how they are doing and to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and coping strategies.

1. Resilience. Here is one of many online tools: www.careerdiagnostics.com/surveys/resilience.htm

2. Strengths. The Authentic Happiness site offers helpful tools in six languages. See the tools to assess perseverance (GRIT Survey) and character strengths (VIA Survey). www.authentichappiness.org

3. Social support. One example of a tool is the Social Provision Scale. The link here includes no norms so it is best to use this tool for discussion.  www.my.ilstu.edu/~jhkahn/psy442/sps.pdf

4. Organizational support. How can organizations help their staff deal with stress?  See the “Managing Stress” guidelines in English and Arabic from the Antares Foundation. www.antaresfoundation.org

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