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Signature Sins: Envy

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The Second Signature Sin from Michael Mangis.  Greed and envy are similar to one another.

Envy is “constant discontent, suspicion that God is withholding. Greed is primarily about material possessions and envy is about one’s place in the world.  Greed wants the good things others have, envy wants to be the only one who has good things.

The antidote for envy: contentment, gratititude, joy and satisfaction.

Three forms of envy:

  1. Jealousy—a form of envy that guards what one already has. Antidote: liberality, good will, kindness or abundance
  2. Malice—a form of envy that truly wishes ill for others and delights in observing and contributing to other’s pain.  Antidote: peace, kindness or gentleness
  3. Contempt—heaps scorn on others virtues or abilities. May end up as racism, sexism, or classism.  Antidote: love and generosity
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