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Signature Sins: Pride

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From Nick Hunter

The first signature sin Michael Mangis talks about is pride–the greatest sin for C.S. Lewis (see Mere Christianity).  Following are an expansion of the various types of pride that Mangis gives–sorry, I didn’t write down the pages on these. On a side note, as I was trying to find some pictures of pride, I discovered to my surprise by the extent that pride has been co-opted by the G-L-B movement.

Pride—refusal to submit to God; antidote–humility.  Wikki gives the following definition from Augustine, “the love of one’s own excellence.”

Outward Pride—arrogant, haughty and snobbish manners, oblivious to others

  1. Vanity—taking credit for, and boasting about that which should actually be credited to God.  An inordinate focus on one’s own image—antidote is modesty
  2. Arrogance—a demanding, overbearing and opinionated form of pride
  3. Snoberty—pride over race, family class etc that artificially creates a sense of superiority; antidote of simplicity
  4. Disobedience-disregard for God’s law-obedience is antidote

Inward Pride—obsesses with others and how they feel about him.  Secret pride

  1. Distrust—rejection of God’s will in favor of one’s own will
  2. Perfectionism—desire to do everything perfectly—grace or brokenness is antidote
  3. Sentimentality—substitutes pious emotion, pomp and beauty for true private reverence and obedience to God.  Antidote is seriousness or simplicity
  4. Presumption—distortion of hope, Placing inordinate and disrespectful reliance on self rather than on God.  Anitidote–contrition

    Pride by Pieter Bruegel

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