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Counseling and member care: Days 5 and 6

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Here are a few statements or notes from these days that made an impact on me.  Quite a range of topics!  This does not include our two hour group time and then the two hours I met with a counselor each evening.

  1. God legitimizes the defenses for man by providing the skins in the garden instead of the fig leaves.  We need defenses to survive.
  2. Jesus picture of repentance (in Luke 15) is deeply emotional and psychological.
  3. Repentance in the way of Jesus: The awareness of being lost is the acceptance of being found.
  4. We don’t need to fear the awareness how lost we are. Acceptance of being found flows into gratitude.
  5. We all are who we are becoming.
  6. The past was alive in the present.
  7. “You must be like God.  You don’t compromise but you are so kind.” Quote made to a counselor
  8. “I’d be happy to answer that if it would be helpful but I think it would be more helpful for you to answer.”
  9. You can only change emotion with emotion.

10.  By bringing people into contact with emotions they have avoided—we are asking people to touch their pain

11.  People may want to avoid their emotional pain but relationships will bring it out sooner or later.

12.  You can’t mourn the loss unless you have experienced the pain of the loss.

13.  We are wired to be sad when there is a loss and if we do st to inhibit that sadness, problems are created.

14.  Hostile anger—upsets our plans, wants others to suffer, seeks revenge, expressed in disgust or contempt.

15.  We tend to deny anger when there is sin involved and/or we feel unsafe to express anger.

16.  Unexpressed or unresolved anger can be expressed as self-loathing.

17.  If you can own anger, then there is a place for compassion. Empathy and responsiveness allow you to be with someone you may not particularly like.

18.  Endurance means community, recognizing the pain of loss and that my story is not over.

19.  Top trauma reported from a group of MKs meeting on re-entry physical/sexual/verbal abuse.

20.  Be careful to not minimize trauma of others.

21.  Children are good observers but not good interpreters of trauma.

22.  Don’t know the cause and effect between biological and emotional components of depression but we do know they are inter-related.

23.  Depression alters the way we see and think about the world—there is a negative view of the self, a negative evaluation of experience and a negative view of the future.

24.  Unprocessed trauma and emotion (coming from divorce, abuse, suicide etc.) becomes like the gopher popping up game.  You have no control when it is going to pop up.  Unprocessed emotion is UNSTABLE!

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