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From whence does our morality come?

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moralityWhy are we kind to one another?  Well, according to evolutionary sociobiologists, our morality developed out of a need for survival–certain postive actions (love, mercy, gentleness etc.)enabled the species to survive and the rest, the bad or evil parts of behavior…well they seem to still be around don’t they?  In a post on the evolution of morality, Eric Johnson says that our morality developed as a collective response to behavior that benefits the group, not just the individual. I suppose this is a little less selfish.

Of course, as a Christian, I would say that as humans we do reflect the moral beauty and character of our Creator and the dark sides of our behavior is a reflection of our choice to go our own way and a refusal to walk in the light to use one of John’s figures.  I just finished Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty by Roy F. Baumeister and it is quite an enlightening, if not disturbing read.  I suppose if our positive moral behaviors evolved, then the negative evil behaviors that Baumeister writes should be anomalies.  But, that is anything but the case as is illustrated by this post about the tragic murder death of a fellow scientest.

Here is a nice article on the Probe website on Sociobiology by Ray Bohlin. The Probe site has been a great resource for Christians for a number of years although I have not been there in some time.  Glad to see that they are still around.

In looking for a picture for this post, I discovered a website for The Evolution of Morality, a book by Richard Joyce. He has a couple of articles that he has linked to this site which are free downloads if you want to read more on this. And then there is Dawkins, The Selfish Gene.

Interesting post here  on athiesm and morality from where I got the following pic.


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