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A Prayer of a Missionary Parent

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have no idea where I picked this up but it is good for any of us in ministry that get our priorities mixed up.  I am grateful for all the forgiveness my children have extended to me as it has been needed.  Formatting is not quite right.  Too bad.

prayer2Father forgive us.

For in the name of service to you

We have built warm relationships with those we minister to, with our supporters.

But have allowed distance, coldness…
to seep into our relationships with our children;

We have believed in the myth of “quality time” and sometimes forgottenthat our children, especially our teenagers, need us-need quantity time.

In the name of Christian excellence-for we are leaders, are we not;
we have placed intolerable burdens on our children,
forgetting you said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

We have allowed music…earrings…clothes…grades…
to blind us to their hearts

Yet we are deeply grateful you do not judge us by externals,
nor deal with us as our sins deserve;

We have treated our children with distrust because they have failed once?…twice?…many times?
wounding their spirits
maybe quenching the spark of desire to change.

Yet you continue to trust us and use us
after a myriad of failures…and broken promises.

We have basked in your grace freely poured out to us, Yet have sometimes doled it out to our children
in drops…in spoonfuls…maybe cupfuls.

We have sometimes seen rebellion in our children’s faces,
heard it…we thought…in their voices,
when in fact it was pain…confusion…maybe anger.

We have not looked long enough into their eyes to see the tears waiting to spill over nor listened carefully enough to hear the longing

sometimes barely a whisper

to be all God wants them to be.

Yet, Father, we know we are weak and we run to you,
knowing you love us just as we are.

Maybe we are afraid to see what lies in our children’s hearts
for it may give us a glimpse
of pain…confusion…weakness…that lies in our own.

O Father, we need you.

Forgive us…heal our brokenness.

Give us your eyes…your ears…your heart.

Help us to tread gently, lovingly, graciously, on the soil of our children’s lives
knowing that you are already there,
and always will be.

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