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Radical humility and radical trust

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

“A spirituality of radical humility, and radical trust” is how Mike Potemra describes the writings of
Therese of Liseaux.
In particular he was referring to a new translation by Robert Edmonson, called, The Complete Therese of Liseaux.  After reading her autobiography a few years ago, I look forward to picking up this new book, with even more from the “Little Flower.”   With sections like the following quoted by Potemra, I need to re-read Terese!

“Even when I might have on my conscience all the sins that can be committed, I would go with a heart broken with repentance to throw myself into Jesus’ arms, because I know how much He cherishes the prodigal who comes back to Him [Lk. 15:20-24]. It’s not because God, in his kind mercy, has preserved my soul from mortal sin that I rise and go to Him in confidence and love.”

I made a couple of posts about Therese-here is one in which I quoted the prayer she sent Maurice,

“I ask of you Jesus, a heart that loves you, a heart that cannot be conquered, always ready for battle after each tempest, a heart that is free, never seduced, a heart that is straight and never walks on crooked paths.” 268

And here is the full book review I made on Maurice and Therese

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