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Discovering delight

childs delightI am simply overwhelmed this morning by what I read in Psalm 1 this morning.  Read the Psalm slowly and with great pleasure–reading in the Hebrew a couple of times and then going to a commentary by Craige.  He makes what is for me, a brililliant statement about how Torah (Word of God or instruction of God) is “to be a source of delight.”  He says that it is “a delight which is discovered by means of contstant meditation on its meaning.”

In these words, he captures what I have been trying to say and do in relation to the reading of the Word whether you call it formational or spiritual reading.  Yes, I want to discover delight as I read and the words fill my intellect, my imaginations.   At times, God has granted open doors of delight as I read and I long for others to experience the same.

When I am hoping to discover delight, it is no longer something I should do or must do.  As Craige says, wedaddys delight should not think about the blessed or happy life in terms of reward or punishment but as a natural outcome of a way of life. This is not something you have to do.  People are tired of being told what they need to do and are longing for examples of people who will show them how to live.  Is this not an example of that?  Someone asked me why I am always reading so many books and suggested that I just relax, read my Bible and enjoy Jesus.  Maybe what I am looking for in these books are models of people who are living live well, who enjoy their relationship with Him who find in His Word and in His person delight?

Do we not naturally move towards that which gives us delight, towards that which makes us happy?   Maybe we make this harder than it really needs to be?   How do you enjoy anything?  Are Christians people who discover delight daily (in the Bible, in life, in one another etc) or are we a bunch of grumpy complaining people?  Don’t answer that–rhetorical question!

Another insight–There is an emotional dimension in discovering delight in Torah that I often miss in my own Bible reading.

Obviously, this is not the only thing that I must do in life but if I am missing this–am I not severely limiting my power and my capacity to love and care for others?  As I discover delight in Torah, I discover that I am loved and God fills me up.

As I said, I was excited this morning and I had to write something down!  Trying to imagine delight with the pics in this post.delight1

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