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Surrender, not knowledge brings victory

picture of a palm and fingers up very closeIn a recent discussion on the temptation of Christ, the leader of the group brought our attention to how Jesus was able to face the temptations of the devil by quoting the Scriptures.  “But, the Scriptures say . . .” His exhorted us to know the Scriptures and to have them ready during times when unexpected temptation came upon us.  But, I was shocked (and pleased) when one of our companions made the following (paraphrased from my memory) comment, “I disagree.  The reading of and knowledge of the Bible does not work.”  (Note: no use of the word “alone” in his statement) “In my experience, I often known what the Bible says I should do and I chose to do the opposite!  My ability to be able to quote the Scriptures does not bring me victory over temptation.  What brings me victory is surrender, my surrender to God.”  Wow!  I don’t think my brother’s intention was, in any way, to denigrate a need to have a knowledge (and memory) of the teaching of the Word of God but to remind us that knowledge without surrender does not bring us power.  Of course, we all know the danger of pride that comes whenever there is knowledge without love (1 Cor 13) and I think we could say, without surrender.  Of course, Jesus demonstrated this as He was led by the Spirit into the desert and as He said, “Not my will, but yours be done.”  Thank you my friend for this reminder regarding surrender. Just this week, I wrote in my journal, “Am I willing to surrender my right to   .  . ?” Hmmmm

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