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Overwhelmed by goodness

Started reading Psalm 31 this week and verse 19 seemed to jump out at me.  Reading from the New Living Translation,

“How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you.”

Why overwhelmed by his goodness?  Because it is undeserved. Because there is no reason that I should experience the goodness that comes regularly into my life! I have heard some say (and I suspect that many others think) that they have earned all (ok, most of) the good things that are in their life.  But James 1:17, says that whatever is good comes down from God above.  The generous, overwhelming, extravagant love of God toward us is the only reason to explain why we have what we have and others do not.  Because He is good and Jesus tells us that no one is truly good except God (Luke 18:19), Because He delights to gives good gifts to his children (Mtt 7:11) and indeed to the whole world (Acts 14:17). And so overwhelmed by (His) goodness, we are full of thanks and are generous toward others, sharing the good that He has graciously given to us.  And because He is Good, how could we ever think to boast or flaunt what we have?  A couple of attempts trying to depict goodness in a photo

Looked up goodness in Grudem’s Theology and he says, “‘Good’ is what God approves.”  Not a particularly useful definition to me.  But I do like his last sentence where he helps me understand how goodness relates to his mercy, patience and grace, “Thus God’s mercy is his goodness toward those in distress; his grace is his goodness toward those who deserve only punishment; and his patience is his goodness toward those who continue to sin over a period of time.” (198, italics original)  Now, I even more overwhelmed by his goodness!

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