Fear of the Lord

How great is the goodness you has stored up for those who fear you.  Ps 31:19

Fits well with what I have been reading in Peterson’s Christ Plays. For Peterson, fear-of-the-Lord  is one of the four terms that help us to live well.  Fear of the Lord is a “term for the way we live the spiritual life—not just what we do and say but the way we act, the way we speak.” 39-40 He says it is a term that shows the human side of spirituality without making us the center of the subject. 40

He says that we cultivate the fear of the Lord in personal prayer and corporate worship.

“We deliberately interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to God, place ourselves intentionally in sacred space, in sacred time, in the holy presence—and wait. We become silent and still in order to listen and respond to what is Other than us.” 41

“Fear-of-the-Lord is not studying about God but living in reverence before God. We don’t so much lack knowledge, we lack reverence. Fear-of-the-Lord is not a technique for acquiring spiritual know-how but a willed not-knowing.  It is not so much know-how we lack; we lack a simple being-there.” 44

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