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A flawed approach to heroin addiction?

Just finished Romancing Opiates: Pharmacological Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy by Theodore Dalrymple

Dalrymple writes a challenging book explaining why, in his opinion, our understanding and treatment of heroin addiction is fatally flawed.  He shows it is based upon a Romantic understanding of opium addiction. To quote Dalrymple

“On no subject has the baleful influence of the past been so strong as that of opiate addiction.  Almost everyone knows about it is wrong, and obviously wrong.  The errors are derived ultimately from the self-serving, self-dramatizing, and evasive and dishonest accounts of De Quincey and Coleridge.  It is time we escaped from their shadow, nearly two centuries long. “

Fascinating read—I am not sure where I found it—likely through reading on the City Journal blog

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