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How easily disgusted are you?

I was pretty sure I was a conservative before after reading Nicholas Kristof’s article yesterday in the Herald Tribune (here is the link for the original New York Times piece).  Now, I am sure that I am since I get disgusted more easily than others!  Kristof refers to studies that show that conservatives and liberals not only think but feel differently and refers to a disgust scale in which conservatives are shown to register more disgust in unpleasant situations.  I took the disgust test and found out that I am slightly more sensitive to disgust than most people that have taken the test altho not in the matter of animal reminder or contamination.  That probably has something to do with living in the Philippines for 20+ years! By the way, I do think justice issues are more important for conservatives than for liberals.

Here’s a link to the website yourmorals.org where you will find the disgust test.   Reminded about this article in World Mag blog

  1. Margy McKay
    June 1, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    I took your disgust test – I was way off the charts – 3.1 or above in each category! Love, your sister

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