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Is Unity worth the effort?

Still thinking about Psalm 133.  Today, I was thinking about the precious oil flowing down Aaron’s head, beard to the bottom of his robe.  Found some references in Ex and Lev that refer to the initial anointing of Aaron and his sons by Moses if you are interested: Ex 30:30-33; 40:13-15; Levit 8:10-12, 30

Wanted to find some paintings but I only find one by a Kabbalist painter, Moshe Tzi Berger, whose has done paintings of all the Psalms. Kabbalists are a bit too weird for me, they are Jewish mystics who focus on the “inner meaning” of the Hebrew texts. But, with persistence, I found a calligraphy done by Connie Jones for a class under Dr. Stephen L. Cook and posted on his blog.  Below is higher quality image I uploaded.

Psalm 133 by Connie-Jones

NT reading was in Col 3:5-18 today.  Wow, want a text on how to build unity–here it is!!

  1. Remember your life is now hidden with Christ in God v3
  2. Don’t live like you once did 5-8 (Put off . . .)
  3. Do not lie to one another 9
  4. Start by remembering that you are chosen by God, you are holy and you are deeply loved by God. 12
  5. Focus on being (Put on the new self . . . Clothe yourselves with . . . ) 12-14
  • compassionate 12
  • kind 12
  • humble 12
  • gentle 12
  • patient 12
  • bearing with one another 13
  • forgiving 13 (Paul had to say this twice since it is so important)
  • (Put on) Loving–since love binds all the above together into unity 14

Guess this means that unity is something we will need to work towards!  Is it worth it my brothers and sisters?  With fear and trembling, I say yes.

  1. May 25, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    a good list for unity, thanks!

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