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Christians with limp Bibles?

John Frye at Jesus the Radical Preacher uses Dali’s 1931 Persistence of Memory to talk about Christians and their limp Bible reading habits. “Bibles might be best sellers, but they aren’t read much. They lie limp on the bedroom dresser or backseat of the car waiting until next Sunday.”  I can’t comment on the readership of the Bible in America but I wonder how many people feel the need to bring Bibles with them on Sunday since the text is up on the screen!  That seems to lead into John’s next point.

One of the problems he suggests is pastors buying into the cry of ‘lazy Christians run around crying, “Feed me! Feed me! My pastor is supposed to feed me.”’  This prompted someone to suggest that in the church we need “good leadership, not good eatership.”

I wonder if another problem is the “one-size-fits-all” mentality of discipleship that I wrote about yesterday? Maybe this worked in the past but in today’s world, I am not so sure.   Good post, John, thanks.

Following is a pics of the Dali painting, “Persistence of Memory,” John talks about in his post,  followed by his 1952 Disintegration of Persistence of Memory.  I am not posting his final 1994 painting, called “Memory.”  Warning: Dali has images that some may find offensive.  Now, I am waiting for someone to photoshop in Bibles for the watches to see what will happen!

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