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Floating in the love of God

Just did a quick read this morning of an Oswald Chambers’ book, The Love of God. Actually, it is a series of small books written in the 1930s but put together in this volume in 1973.   We are sorting through old books in our library and in our center and I thought this is one might be an interesting read.   There are a couple of posts here.

First, what is love?  In thinking about “God is love” from 1 John, Chambers provides the following definition

Love is the sovereign preference of my person for another person, embracing everyone and everything in that preference. 21

Now that I think about it, we talk a lot about love but few would ever give a definition.  I think that the definition of  love given here entails a level of committment that few would mean when they say, “I love you.”

In the previous chapter, Chambers had commented on the phrase from Jude 21, “keep yourselves in the love of God.”   He makes a point to say that Jude does NOT say “keep on loving God,” because “none can do that.”  Of course, we are to do both, aren’t we? “We love him because he first loved us,” says John in 1 John 4:19.  Maybe it is an order of priority, one that we evangelicals easily get mixed up?  Chambers writes,

When once you have understood the truth about your heart’s own sinfulness, think not again of it, but look at the great, vast, illimitable magnificence of the love of God.  Oh may we be driven, driven further and further out into the ocean of the love of God! only taking care that nothing entices us out again.

May we all enjoy floating or soaking in God’s love this day!

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