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The value of facebook

There must be hundreds of articles and scholarly articles on Facebook and the whole social networking scene.  Here are two that my wife passed on to me that you may want to look over.

Interesting article about how those in middle age and older are beginning to see the value of involvement in Facebook.

And another article which is attempting to show that involvement in Facebook combats our narcissistic tendencies.  Says Richard Clark, “In other words, Facebook destroys my tendency to focus on myself exclusively and forces me to focus outwardly.”

I keep telling others (and myself) to remember that Facebook is a tool to stay connected with others and is of neutral value.  In fact, it (and similar networks) looks like they are the best way to stay connected with anyone 30 and under!  But, is Facebook (Twitter etc) a problem when it becomes the exclusive way to be connected?  Or is that an exaggeration.  With our newer missionaries, facebook, twitter and skype has allowed them to be in almost daily contact with the home countries and I am not convinced that is the best for their adjustments.  Or maybe I am just an old goat.  I know I look like one right now!

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