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Why we need to give now more than ever

Very challenging article out of World Mag on giving or rather the excuses we make for not doing so.  Sure applies to me here where there is so much poverty.   Err on the side of generosity is what one author said in a book I read on giving and mission.  Anyway, here is the latest paragraphs but I hope you can read the entire article.

It’s a foolish idea, but I’m wondering if we can work up the courage to give recklessly this year. Wouldn’t it be something if our response to hard economic times was not to give less but to give more? What would the world think of us if all of us turned off the financial advice shows, imperiled ourselves just a little, and gave so much that every crook and lowlife and spendthrift in town darkened our churches’ doors?

They’d call us fools, most likely. Which is a sign, I think, that we were getting ourselves on a better path. It’s when the world thinks us prudent, or business-like, or—merciful God forbid—normal, that we’d better worry.

The land is filled with need and a growing fear. What will we do in the face of it?

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