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Walking the road of the righteous

Reading this week in Psalm 25, a Psalm in which the author seems to be trying to trust (wait, hope, follow) a God, full of unfailing love and faithfulness despite defeat, deceit, deep distress and potential disgrace.  Verse 11 stands powerfully at the center of the Psalm,  “For the honor of Your name, forgive my many, many sins.” NLT   And then, in verse 18, the Psalmist pleads,

Feel my pain, see my trouble and forgive all my sins

This is a Psalm I needed to read!   Then, I pulled out Craige’s commentary on Psalms 1-50 and this is what he had to say,

The prayer is that of a person who has made the choice and is walking the road of the righteous; but the dispassionate wisdom has been transformed to passionate petition, for the right road is not an easy one on which to walk.   It is lined with enemies who would like nothing better than to put the walker to shame; and the traveler on the road is also plagued with internal doubts, as he recalls in his mind previous wanderings from the road and former sins.  The essence of the road of the righteous is this: it is a road too difficult to walk without the companionship and friendship of God.

The Psalmist, troubled from without and within, has stopped for a moment in the way; he knows he cannot turn back, but scarcely knows how to continue.  And so he prays that God would show him the raod and make him walk in it (4-5).  He knows that he does not deserve such guidance and strength, but as one forgiven of sin, he is confident that God will show him the road again (v2b).

Now, I know why I need to read this Psalm this week.  I am desperate for the companionship and friendship of God on this journey.

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