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Joy is one of those emotions that I find to be quite elusive.  Being someone who is a bit emotionally challenged, there have been times, when I have had to stand back and say to myself, “I think the emotion I am now feeling is joy.”

Along with staying in Psalm 62, I am reading Psalm 9 this week.  One verse that popped up to me was verse 2, “I will be filled with joy because of you.”   What is that?  You mean joy does not come from esteem of colleagues, my position, accomplishments, books read, pounds lost, games won, money saved, disciples, mentorees, food I eat, physical pleasures–sex, sleep, exercise etc.

As I remember Ecclesiastes, joy or satisfaction is a gift from God; He give us the ability to enjoy life after we are in (and continue in) proper relationship to Him.  All other seeking of joyis empty and futile, a chasing after the wind.  Power, control, financial gain, knowledge, pleasure are a  few empty pursuits that come to mind.

I will be filled with joy because of You.   Because of You, I receive joy from the singing of the birds, the barking of the dogs (???), the coolness of the morning, a kiss from my wife, stretching out of my body.  Even in pain, I can experience joy.  Joy is not tied to my circumstances.

My other reading from yesterday was in John 15:1-11.  Well, verse 11 says, “I have told you this so that you will be filled with joy.  Yes, your joy will overflow.

Hold out for joy, refuse to take shortcuts to pleasure for they will never bring joy.  You will be filled with my joy.  Is Joy an emotion or a state that is organically connected to the Lord Jesus Christ?  Related to delight, contentment, peace

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