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Day 3 of dissertation writing class

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

A long day, slogging (?)  away yesterday.  Some positive encouragements about my refined purpose statement and I was able to keep working into the early morning to complete draft 1.1 of chaper one.  Expect that there will still be many changes to come.  More peer reviews today and a meeting this afternoon with prof to discuss project.  Thank you Lord.  A positive contact from the author of a wellness model that I want to use and meeting with an author of a journal article on member care this morning.  Have sent out draft 1.1 to a few people to get comments.  Lord, give me courage to face the loving critiques!

Some comments from class

  • You need research to support your problem so your problem is a problem and not just your problem!
  • Without a strong purpose, you will get discouraged and be tempted to stop
  • Clearly stated research questions mark the boundaries of your research
  • Use the sandwich approach in peer reviewing–st they have done well, st they need to work on, st they have done well
  • check out survey monkey
  • a journal prompt may be the better way to measure attitude and belief changes
  • It is more important to be clear than to align yourself with a design
  • Rigorous does not mean it is hard but others are able to use what they learn from you
  • If others need to tell you what to do, then you are not ready to do the research–ouch!
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