Mysticism Part 7

December 27, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Soul-connecting concluding words of the Spring 2008 Conversations with the article, “Mysticism: A Personal Reflection” by Alice Fryling; 87-88

Mysticism includes a self-surrender that will be a life-long challenge for me.

God calls upon me to surrender my desires to win approval, to fix other people’s problems, and to be in control of my own life. It is a mystery to me how I can let go of these desires.” 87

This means I do not need to understand. I do not need to be in control. Mysticism invites me to let go: to let go of the things I do to gain God’s love, to let go of my need to know the whole truth, to let go of taking myself so seriously. When I let go of my own grip on life, I find that God is already at work, changing me . . . 88

The most important thing is not whether we can explain it but that we truly experience God’s presence in our lives, that we are being transformed by God’s grace, and that we are loving one another with God’s love. 88

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