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War between the flesh and spirit

December 23, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Outstanding article on “Spiritual Formation and the Warfare Between The Flesh and The Human Spirit”.by Dallas Willard in the first issue of Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Spring 2008, Vol 1, No 1. For now, here is his definition of spiritual formation and a definition of the problem that we all face. More to follow.

Spiritual formation in Christ is the process through which disciples or apprentices of Jesus take on the qualities or characteristics of Christ himself, in every essential dimension of human personality. The overall orientation of their will, the kinds of thoughts and feelings that occupy them, the “automatic” inclinations and “readiness” of their body in action, the prevailing posture of their relations toward others, and the harmonious wholeness of their soul—these all, through the formative processes undergone by his disciples, increasingly come to resemble the personal dimensions of their Master. 79

Our basic problem: It is the problem of not doing the good that you would sincerely say you intend to do, that you clearly wish you would do, and that you grieve over and regret not having done. It is a fundamental problem of all who see life clearly and think deeply about it. 80

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