Mysticism Part 3

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Two more points by Larry Crabb from his article, Confessions of a Badly Dressed Mystic in Spring 2008 volume of Conversations

1.  Reason and imagination have equal value in mysticism.

    • The aim of true mysticism is not to experience God; it is to glorify God.
    • True mystical experience consists in nothing less than literal participation in the eternally ongoing perichoretic life of the divine community.
    • Christian mysticism becomes not the attempt to experience now what can be fully experienced only in the next world, but the desire to experience now what will sustain us in the battle until we rest in the next world forever. Empowerment, not fulfillment, is more the point of mystical experience in this world.

2. Cosmetic transcendence is no substitute for curative transcendence.

  • Transcendent experience not dependent on transcendent truth is cosmetic, not curative.
  • Any experience—no matter how stirring or apparently God related—that fails to release us a little bit more from the bonds of self-sufficiency, fails to reach beneath our deepest and most painful wounds and expose our resolve to relieve our pain at any cost to others, and fails to supply power to please God and advance His kingdom at any cost to ourselves is counterfeit. 28
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