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Giving up my right to significance

December 7, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Even though last week was spent in meetings all day about our new computerized personnel system, we started each day with a Bible reading and prayer for various needs around the world. One devotional was given by our new Finance Director on Mtt 6:33. You know, “See ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things (food, housing, clothing) will be added unto you.” The question that I heard being asked—“What is more important—what will build His kingdom or what will promote me and my agenda?

Lately, I have been asking, “Where can my gifts best be utilized? My current role or another?” Not a bad question in itself—as long as my first priority is seeking first His kingdom agenda! But that has not been my priority to be honest. There has been a slow erosion towards a longing for the recognition and the attention of man. I have been subtly planning how to make that happen. Forgive me Lord for my fear of insignificance! One question that I need to be asking my leaders, “How can I best serve the needs of the fellowship?” I need to give up my “right” to success, reward and significance. I need to once again commit myself to God’s will and God’s service as His eternal life flows through me. I know that I have nothing to offer apart from Him.

Read the following last week, from Adrian van Kaam’s reflections on John 17:3 in The Tender Farewell of Jesus

Following the ways of the world, we may be commended for the efficiency of our performance, rewarded for a job well done, granted a promotion, but our accomplishments seem shallow. No longer are they an inspiration to our fellow pilgrims. We need to correct our course. Only when your eternal life enwraps our temporal existence can we find our way through the tempests of everydayness and answer the demands of those we serve in your name. 55-56

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