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Missing the fall

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

If I am honest, there are some things that we miss by living in the tropics and a change of seasons is one of them.  My wife sent me a link to the following article by Rod Dreher, which expresses well why she likes the fall most of all of the seasons.  In the changing of the seasons, there is a reminder for me about the changing seasons of the spiritual life–it is never the same and there is beauty in each season to be enjoyed.

I don’t think it’s too much to say that autumn suits the conservative mind and temperament. The conservative is ever aware of life’s transitory nature, and learns to sift through and to savor what’s passing — note well that artful decay produces the most sublime tastes — as an affirmation of the goodness of this life, and an aid to reflection on the permanent things. Autumn denies the illusion of progress. It’s a time of bringing in the harvest, of storing up, of taking account, of provisioning for the winter passage — which offers its own pleasures: is there anything more satisfying than drinking a mug of hot tea by the fire, reading a thick novel behind frosty January windows? The first day of autumn means it’s time to rest, and to nest. It invites us to make our peace with mortality, and to take comfort in that. Autumn edifies.

Here are a few pictures that I found

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