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A good day

October 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Reflections on a full but satsifying day.  I need to sleep but I think I am still a bit wired by being out with people most of the day and drinking numerous cups of coffee and tea over chats with people.   We are in Davao for some meetings and I am sharing a room with four other guys (from Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands and the Philippines).   Such is the beautiful nature of the fellowship we have in our mission.  Not always easy but beautiful.

Started out my day in a breakfast meeting with a long time friend here–spent most of my time listening about how his church and ministry is growing–nothing really unusual there–me listening and him talking but that’s okay.  Next headed over to where I used to serve and had lunch with a couple of the staff there.  As one of them started to share about some of the struggles that they were going on and I hope I didn’t offend them as I did a little dance around the restaurant singing “I am free” from having to deal with all of those issues.

Next, had coffee with a couple of the guys here with me for meetings.  Interesting that one of them who has been here longer than me said, “Well, Dave, you never have really done things the way everyone else has done them.”  I think he kind of meant it as a compliment and I don’t think I will clarify what he said.  Before a supper meeting with another couple from our team, I met with a close friend who shares my passion for spiritual formation and he helped me brainstorm ideas for a talk that I am giving in November on “Learning to Live with Limits: Life in Ministry Beyond 40.”  Very interesting.   If I can find time to get our discussion on the computer, I will blog about it tomorrow and hopefully will get some info from some others.  He also challenged me about coming back down and co-leading a weekend retreat on spiritual formation for men so that they can be influencers in their family, companies, organizations and nation.  He wants to invite politicians, businessmen and has a tentative plan to follow them up.  I am intrigued by the idea and have an idea on some guys that  I could recruit to come over and help me!

Thank you Lord for a rich lifeQ

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