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Never forget . . .

I associate the phrase, “Never forget” with those who never want us to forget the horrors of the holocaust and I agree that we should never forget those years of evil.   I guess after my previous post, I needed something positive in this day and so when I read “never forget” in Psalm 103:2, I had to post about this as well.  There is a major problem in forgetting–the nation of Israel in the OT is a case study of that–they forgot God’s acts of faithfulness and stopped being thankful or was it the other way around?  In any case, they quickly abandoned the covenant God had made with them, much to their sorrow.

But, here David is telling us to never forget

  • the good things he has done for us
  • how he forgives all my sins
  • how he heals all my diseases
  • how he ransoms me from death
  • how he surrounds me with love and tender mercies
  • how he fills my life with good things

Actually, I could go on with this list looking down in Psalm 103.  May I “never forget.”

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