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Let me not refuse correction!

September 15, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Spent last week in Psalm 141 and I continue to be very challenged by verse 5. Here it is from the New Living translation.

Let the godly strike me!
It will be a kindness!
If they correct me, it is soothing medicine.
Don’t let me refuse it.

As I read this Psalm it is about a man struggling with living in an evil world.  He is asking God for deliverance from attacks by evil men and is asking that he himself be delivered from speaking evil, doing evil, lusting for evil, enjoying evil etc.  Well, in the middle of this Psalm is verse 5 and I think in the context of the Psalm, these words are about friends who correct or rebuke us to keep us away from evil.  When people do this, the Psalmist says they do us a great kindness, their correcting words are like a soothing medicine.  And then David prays, “Don’t let me refuse it.”

What I realized last week is that I don’t have anyone that is speaking into my life about my personal involvement with evil–be it words of evil, evil thoughts or evil actions.  In a small group we came up with a number of possibilities for personal evil–dishonesty, withholding love, deception, manipulation, pride and arrogance, lust, greed, envy, hatred, bitterness, anger, rage, etc.  So, my excuse cannot be that I am not in danger of personal evil!

Other related questions–do I have anyone in my life that would be willing or courageous enough to speak a rebuke or give me a correction?  (not counting my wife!) And, how receptive would I be to correction?  Lord, I am willing to pray, “Deliver me from evil (and the evil one),” but I help me to be willing to receive your deliverance through the correction and rebuke of my brothers and sisters.  Do not let me refuse it!

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