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My religion is S 11

Leaving Singapore and on the way to the airport last week when our taxi driver told us his religion was S 11. My wife figured it out quickly but it took me longer to realize he was referring to $. We had a lively discussion about the role of money and faith. In his view, all religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism etc.) had the goal to get/maintain POWER. I tried to encourage him to look to the person of Jesus Christ who had his priorities right, even if others do not. Interestingly, another friend told me that he had heard from a businessman in Singapore that the fastest way to get rich was to become a pastor! Even a “mature” friend of mine on a remote, rural island here recently told me how he was considering a group that promised healing and wealth were inherent in the atonement. Something wrong here folks.

Read last week a couple of articles that sadly point out the distortions with regard to faith and money in much of the public Christianity. Michael Gerson has one on Faith’s Real Riches and Michelle Singletary has one on Does God want you poor? Both of these are from the Washington Post and the latter article has a number of helpful links on the subject. I did download the articles and saved them on my computer in case you need them.

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