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Fear and Faith part 2

A focus on faith by Luci Shaw in The Crime of Living Cautiously

“Faith is really taking the risk of moving, when God calls me, into the realm of the unknown and unseen and only dimly understood. It means that I may have to give up my closely held control of my life and destiny, my fate and my future—a thought alarming enough to keep some of us from moving at all.” 49

Faith is a widening of the imagination. Imaginative faith takes off the blinders, moves beyond pinched, linear thinking into the wide, unfathomable possibilities into which the Holy Spirit invites.” 52

“Because ignorance is often considered bliss—it seems better not to know bad news, . . . too many of us guard ourselves from a potentially painful truth.” 54

Every hour we walk into unknown territory, sometimes as threatening to our faith as the den of lions . . . For some it may mean moving into a wilderness of the spirit, where doubts and despairs besiege us . . . I’ve learned from experience in such a time I am being called upon to wait, and in the waiting God will send me the gift of his presence again. I learn a lot as I wait, and my watchword in this unknown and fearful territory is continue to be faithful and obedient.

“When beauty and risk interact, an almost unspeakable dynamic is released. I want the Holy Spirit to be the “something that grabs me,” so that I too am eager to yield to the impulse to push the life of faith and the life of the mind to extremes. I trust that as I let go and free my imagination to be informed by God’s cosmic meaning, I too will experience those “possibilities of unexpected beauty.” 56-57

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