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Beware overstatement . . .

Michael Patton over at Parchment and Pen: A Theology Blog writes a sharp post on “Why I don’t read your books or blogs.” Unfortunately, Michael, it is more than likely that those most in need of hearing these words, will ignore them! We are sorely in need of epistemic humility today!

Michael warns us against Overstatement, Unqualified Superlatives and Non-Contingent Propositions.

Here is a challenging paragraph from his post.

But, ironically, especially in a hyper-critical postmodern world, we give credit to our case when we do represent the transparency that accompanies real contingency and the revelation of epistemic humility. We show that we have a broader understanding of the issues. It evidences an honest wrestling with the subject of the proposition. In the end, when we do come to a conclusion on the matter, even with all the contingencies that we have worn on our sleeve, readers become more confident in your ability to think with integrity and have a greater confidence in your conclusions

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