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The kind of films Christians may want to watch

It is great to be back home after two weeks away! Easier access to the internet! My wife sent me a link to What Makes a Film Chirstian over at the United Methodist portal. It is a good read and may give you some ideas for some movies that you may want to watch as well as challenge your thinking about watching some questionable films. A few quotes from the article which is an interview with five of the staffers on this site.

  • The question The Dark Knight asks—whether the ends justify the means, even with present and future lives on the line—seems immediate and contemporary, but the resonance comes from that question’s very timelessness. Daringly, this blockbuster offers only ambiguous answers and hard-earned wisdom. When was the last time a film on faith had the guts to do that?
  • Are Christians really OK with a poorly told story as long as it gets the gospel out there? Even if it misses connecting with their target audience?
  • The urge to propagandize and the inability to handle ambiguity is a hallmark of bad filmmaking, regardless of the director’s religious or political leaning. . .The Dark Knight wisely dealt with the complicated issue of finding a balance between individual rights and privacy in the face of terrorism: It offered only ambiguous answers. Bravo. . .Christian directors, watch and learn.
  • Powerful storytelling gives the Holy Spirit room to prompt a moment of grace without the “help” of a heavy-handed director or script.
  • We need to get beyond the subculture of “Christian” films with their formulaic plots if we want to resonate with people who think “family-friendly” means “sappy,” yet who wonder what God’s really up to in the world.
  • Though the culture at large may not view stories through a Christian lens, they nonetheless grapple with recognizable problems in ways that can be instructive—for them and for us.
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