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Are liberals or conservatives happier?

From a radio interview

and from a National review online article

Arthur C Brooks says in his book, Gross National Happiness

Conservatives are much more happier than liberals—56% over 23%

They are more optimistic, less likely to feel like a failure and in better mental health

Their religion and marriage create half of the happiness gap

52% of married religious conservatives were very happy compared to 22% for liberal unmarried seculars

World view is another major factor.Conservatives believe that with hard work, we can change our circumstances whereas liberals feel like they are more victims of circumstance.

Other interesting notes:

  • Children make you happier? 6-7% better chance of being happier
  • Money does not buy happiness.
  • More than 5 in 10 of conservatives are happy compared to 2 in 10 of those without kids, religion and unmarried.
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