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Loving your prodigal

I need to update my prodigal list–a list of friends with prodigals in their life. And, yes, I need to be praying for them. Heard about another one over the weekend. It is painful and yes, it can be shameful and a source of guilt. But, my brothers, you are not alone. My wife found this story of one person who offers a plan on How to Love Your Prodigal. First, my favorite painting on the subject.

Listen to what Prodigal Jon says below and click on this for the entire article–actually part 1

You share your junk.

You tell your story. The good parts, the bad parts, the beautiful parts, the ugly parts. You fight the urge to simply multiply your good qualities as a parent and instead do the opposite. You confess your faults. You confess your own trash and share the grossness of your own life with your child.

That might feel like the opposite of what you should do. That might be exactly what a million books on parenting tell you. The only research I am pulling from is my own life and the lives of dozens of prodigals I know. But here is what happens when you share your junk in the middle of a prodigal story:

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