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So, Jesus really does understand me

Last week, I asked my students what made them angry. A number of them said injustice. For me, it was legalism and a lack of grace. In this post by Michael Spencer he points out how Jesus had a full experience with the frustrations of life and with the body of Christ. Sounds like Hebrews 2:17-18.  Jesus experienced

A family who thought he was crazy and tried to get him to quit the ministry. (Mark 3)

A small business, its customers and the stresses of making money.

Religious people.

Religious leaders willing to kill to protect their turf and their idea of God.

Religious leaders who misused the scriptures.

Religious leaders who hated you if you challenged them.

Religious leaders on the payroll of the politically powerful.

People caught up in a racist mentality.

People who thought politics was the way to solve everything.

People who thought a war was God’s way to bring about the Kingdom.

People without mercy.

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