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The deception of lust

After writing about Rob Bell’s Sex God, an intrigued friend borrowed my copy before I had even finished it.  I was able to get it back yesterday, went home early and finished it in just a few hours.  My friend (single female), thought the last chapter, “Whoopee Forever,” had some of the best words on singleness that she had read.  They are good (and I will post about what Bell wrote) but not just yet.

Surprise, surprise, what got me going was Bell’s chapter on lust, “Leather, Whips and Fruit.”  He started the chapter discussing the rape of Tamar in 2 Sam 13, first time I have read anybody tackling that passage.  And specifically, he deals with those deeply provoking verses that talk about how, following the rape, “He (Ammon) hated her (Tamar) more than he had loved her.”  In looking at the chapter, I can tell, this is going to need two posts.  What does Bell say about lust?

Lust can drive us to do frightening things.  It can own us, it can take up massive amounts of head space, and it can make us miserable.

And once in a while, lust may even have something to do with sex. 69

Bell has a fascinating discussion on our attraction to the sensual–to that which stimulates our senses and how this is a God-created, God-designed part of our image.  The problem–when we follow that which our senses tell us “will provide a better reality than the one God has made.”  Bell writes, “Lust promises what it can’t deliver.” 72  And  . . .

Lust comes from a deep lack of satisfaction with life.  this is why we have to slow down and reflect on our lives before we’ll ever begin to sort our the significance of this.  Lust often starts with a thought somewhere in our head or heart: “If I had that/him/her/it, then I’d be . . .”   73

Bell, then makes a connection to the importance of gratitude.  Indeed when you look at the problem of Israel, their lack of gratitude and forgetfulness is what began their slide away from God.  I don’t remember if Bells says this but might we be able to say that a grateful heart acts as a prevention against lust?

Bell challenges us to uncover the lies upon which lust is built.

Lust is always built on a lie.  And so for you and me to be free from lust; we have to begin by understanding the lie and where it comes from and why it can be so alluring.  75

More on this to follow.  Reactions anyone?

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