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Following Jesus is scary

Following Jesus can be scary.

Speaking as one with experience, I am concerned about the level of drivenness I see in ministry oriented people. Some of them seem to labor in order to avoid crashing and yet sometimes, I think a crash is necessary for God to do in us what He knows is needed.

I wish some of them could read and appreciate the following excerpts from a blog posts by the internet monk.

First IM is writing in response to a woman concerned about her husband, who he (IM) realizes is on much the same path as he has been.

But I told her that I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t afraid to be myself anymore. I wasn’t afraid of the consequences of following Jesus to the places of honesty and vulnerability. I was no longer afraid of the religious systems and their custodians that had always promised to give me security and purpose if I would just cooperate. I was no longer going to live my life as the guy who, because he was a preacher, took everyone’s expectations as the script for my happiness.

He provides the following quote to help the woman understand something of what was happening in her husband’s life.

I read it in an amazing, life altering quote from Walter Brueggemann in Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Leaving Church:

“The world for which you have been so carefully prepared is being taken away from you…by the grace of God.” — Walter Brueggemann

IM finishes his post with these good words. Thanks brother.

God has lightened the load, and he’s reminded me that the life he’s given me isn’t the sum total of what others think or what others have convinced me to believe. Life comes as a gift from Jesus, and there’s no apologies for what it does in me. The life God has for me isn’t on tap and it’s not under the control of people. It’s his free outpouring to everyone who is thirsty.

There’s a reason He said “don’t be afraid” more than anything else. Following Jesus is scary, because you can’t hold on to much else except him.

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