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On “being honest” from “The Shack”

Papa (God) helps Mack to realize that he has lied to his wife. But, now Mackenzie is not sure what to do.

And again he was floundering in guilt, “So, what do I do now?”

“You tell her, Mackenzie. You face the fear of coming out of the dark and tell her, and ask for her forgiveness and you let her forgiveness heal you. Ask her to pray for you, Mack. Take the risks of honesty. When you mess up again, ask for forgiveness again. It’s a process, honey, and life is real enough without having to be obscured by lies. And remember, I am bigger than your lies. I can work beyond them. But that doesn’t make them right and doesn’t stop the damage they do or the hurt they cause others.”

“What if she doesn’t forgive me?” Mack knew that this was indeed a very deep fear that he lived with. It felt safer to continue to throw new ones on the pile of old ones. 188-89

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