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Our Goal Should Be Generous Giving

In To Give or Not to Give, John Rowell discusses the perceived problem of dependency that is created when missionaries give to those in need.  He says that 2 Cor 9:8-11 “states best God’s goal for us to give liberally.”  Here are a few more quotes on this and other similar passages.

  • “The expectation conveyed by these verses tells us that Christians are intended by God to live as generous stewards of kingdom resources. Those concerned about dependency embrace this principle in principle willingly enough, but I believe their arguments discourage giving liberally in practice.” 52
  • “Does it not make sense that a model of generosity based on obedience to biblical truths will teach a better stewardship lesson to new believers than a miserly message of frugality based on presumably legitimate missiological principles? The Scriptures clearly and consistently require responsive giving”
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