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Dads, you will never regret the time spent with your kids!

Comforting to know that research indicates that we Dads are still needed in America (and around the world)! I don’t know any message I would give to younger fathers more than this one: “Spend time with your kids. You will never regret it.” Men, you will never regret more time spent with your kids!!! Why does it seem like each generation keeps needing to learn this the hard way? Did people tell me or warn me? In my experience child rearing is one of those areas in which few of us welcome the input from others until it is too late.

Katherine Kersten did a post recently about Disappearing Dads… Why fathers are so vital She refers to Kyle Pruett’s book Fatherneed in which he says, “Children with involved fathers have lower rates of juvenile delinquency, substance abuse and early sexual activity.”

Surprise, surprise, discipline from dad looks different than from mom!

“Moms tend to discipline by stressing the “relational and social costs” of bad behavior, . . . Dads, on the other hand, tend to focus on the “mechanical or societal consequences” of misbehavior.”

And we dads (generally), play differently with our children than do moms.

“Mothers’ play is more toy-centered and instructional, fathers encourage exploration and novelty-seeking. Dads love to wrestle and roughhouse. . . . Fathers tend to encourage kids to master tasks on their own, while mothers are more likely to help a fretting child sooner. . .

“When mothers see their young ones scrambling up a jungle gym, they tend to call out, “Be careful!” . . . Dad’s challenge is likely to be different: “Can you make it to the top?”

It is hard to believe that the message, ‘Your kids need you,” is one that many dads haven’t heard but that is what the National Fatherhood organization is saying. Perhaps because so many of us didn’t do it “right” as dads, is that why we so look forward to the second chance as grandfather? Check out Kersten’s full article.

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