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“Anatomy of evil” and “one sure thing”

I read the following two verses earlier in the week and I have not created the time to make a post about them.  But, time for a brief reflection now.

Psalm 28:3 anatomy of evil–they speak peace with their neighbor while evil is in their heart (malice in one translation).  Great Psalm about requesting MERCY from God against the evil that we encounter in the world.  But when I read verse three, I realize that if I speak nice words to people when face to face and yet behind their backs, speak ill of them or even think ill of them, am I not like one of the evil in this Psalm.  There are a few people that are borderline for me on this one.

in Psalm 46–the one sure thing Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth”  After visiting a friend this week who suddenly came down with cancer–one moment nothing and two months later he is in the midst of chemo!  And then, a conversation with a friend in which I heard about yet another very respected Christian leader who was discovered having an affair. I had met him and his wife and they seemed so, so mature and above reproach that I would never have thought.   Funny how these thoughts came after reading Psalm 46– I think I was comforted by there being one sure thing in life when everything around me seems to collapse so easily.

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